One of the things that makes Foursquare a great place to discover the best local food and nightlife is the ability to find out what friends, local experts and trusted brands think about venues in your city.  To ensure we can deliver the best recommendations, we rely on those same users to generate the content and feed the platform.  While we had a core group of die-hard content creators, we wanted to get more of our user base involved, even if in a lightweight way, to improve the experience for everyone.


After lots of brainstorming and soul searching, we decided we wanted to focus on quick and easy ratings - something that everyone could do, even if you weren't a die hard content creator.  The key was ease of use, ensuring that users knew what they needed to rate, when they needed to rate it, and could do it all in a few seconds.  While we still wanted to promote tip writing, we felt the bar for writing a thoughtful tip was still rather high, and rating could be an easy gateway into leaving content which both benefits yourself (by keeping track of places you like), benefits your friends (so you can tell them what you liked), and benefits Foursquare (so we can have the most accurate and trustworthy ratings).

The History tab was the culmination of that work, to provide a quick list of unrated places you had recently visited that was private, easily skimmed and with strong CTA's.  In the end we increased the % of MAU rating and the # of ratings per month by 140%.