Thanks to the crew at Mashable for naming Marsbot one of the 12 best iPhone apps of 2016!  Per the reviewers: "2016 was the year that "bot" entered the popular lexicon as seemingly every major tech company made some sort of chatbot. But while most have been disappointing, Marsbot, which uses Foursquare's deep database of location info, is much more useful than gimmicky. The app keeps track of your location and messages you recommendations based on where you go and what you like. Yes, some may find the always-on location sharing a bit disconcerting, but it's also what makes its suggestions so accurate."


I am planning to write up a bit more about what went into Marsbot and how I thought about the product from concept to launch.  At the moment, you'll have to just try it out for yourself.  Check back for details, and until then, check out my Medium article - Introducing Marsbot - where I give some of the background behind building Marsbot and why we chose to focus on proactive recommendations.


You can get a link to download or check out our FAQ here.

Also check out Marsbot on Product Hunt or follow Marsbot on Twitter.