The Problem

You're going on a trip to a new and far off destination.  You're tickets are booked, but now what?  Get recommendations from friends who have been there!  Great idea ... you post on Facebook, you get tons of comments from friends, and then?  

How do you turn that list of comments and likes into a useful hit list to take with you?  


Trip Tips home page

Trip Tips home page

The Solution

We wanted a simple way to source recommendations from our friends.  Enter your destination, write some notes for your friends and share the link to social media.  We make it easy for your friends to add places and comments, with no login required.  

Once you're ready to head out to your destination, you can view your list on your phone with comments or via mobile web.  In the future we look forward to adding more mobile functionality as well as printable lists!

Why I Love It

I took Trip Tips for a spin recently when visiting Singapore.  Having recommendations from people who have lived and worked there was invaluable, and allowed me to bypass the tourist traps for the hidden local gems.  

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